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BURIAN PRODUKT, s.r.o., Zelezne 112, 666 01 Tisnov Czech Republic


BURIAN PRODUKT, s.r.o., Jaurisova 515/4, 14000 Praha 4


We are a small, friendly, flexible, experienced, family-owned company focused on sustainable travel and tourism. We offer what we know as we all live here. We are very proud of our heritage and therefore we pay enormous attention to all issues of sustainability.

"Vienna - Prague" have been tested by thousands satisfied travellers from all over the world since 1994 - independent persons and groups and/or clients of partner tour operators like SNP Natuurreizen (NL), Ikaros - Anders Reizen (B), Dobry Den Reizen (NL), Begegnung mit Boehmen (D), etc.


In 1994 founded the company. Michal is its CEO and works as the chairman of ECEAT, European Centre for Ecology and Tourism (NGO). "Vienna-Prague" is a part of its project, called Heritage Trails. Its aim is to promote our natural and cultural heritage. Since 2004 it has focused mainly on food. ECEAT organises big food festivals like the Moravian Ham Festival (February-March), Asparagus Festival (May) and/or Cornucopia - weekend of gastronomic pleasure. 


Maruška provides booking services and overall administration. For years she worked at the Tisnov Tourist Information Centre, nowadays she also manages the outgoing branch of the company called NA FARMU ! ("Go to a Farm !"), specialised in farm tourism around Europe.    


Fan of travelling at any time, in any form and to any place. Pavel guides our guests and prepares new products. As a young guy, he loves a more sharper approach than is offered by Heritage Trails - he organises his own travel film festivals focused on mountaineering, skiing, biking, extreme food etc. He also participates in the management of the big food festivals by ECEAT and he is also a member.


Míša loves travelling and knows every stone and every tree between Vienna and Prague. She accompanies our guests as their good spirit in a van ("vehicle support" as we call it) and a tour guide. 


Vítek studies architecture in Brno (CZ) and Gent (B) and from time to time he helps his parents during the summer season with their business - not only with guiding tourists but also managing the family bistro, The Raspberry Meadow.